We know that buying items for adults can be difficult for many people, firstly because of the modesty that going to a sex shop directly can entail, and secondly because the online offer does not usually give enough information. We thought that we could offer an easier and more complete way to buy erotic toys. Thus began our idea of ​​what should be diversual.


Our project begins to take shape in mid-2018 with ideas that are still very diffuse. A few months later we had everything ready to start selling in the online store, where we could start creating the structure of what would finally be essencessexshop.

It has been many hours of work and sleepless nights, but finally the effort has been worth it. We have managed to have a website of interest on the net of which we are frankly proud. We are leaders in the sector of erotic toys on the Internet.

We know that we still have a long way to go and that we are only at the first stop of what we hope will be a long journey.


We have a complete and varied selection of erotic products, offering the best brands and the items that we consider most interesting. All presented in a neat and fun way. Our main intention is that you feel at home, learn, have fun, and even share your way of understanding sex with other people like you.

We also have quality customer service provided by talented people, with fast and discreet shipments, working with the most efficient transport companies.


We want to have a pleasant and fun image where visitors to our website feel comfortable. Informing, sharing and having fun is our main objective. Leaving aside prejudices, we hope you find what you need to make your sessuale life more interesting and complete. That is why we try to make all our product sheets as complete as possible, with lots of data, photos, videos and opinions.


At Esenciasexshop we are clear that our greatest asset is our people. A modern, dynamic and fun printed idea would not be possible without a competitive team, who works coordinated, and who loves their work and wants to improve themselves every day.